publishing on server

just installed 4.0.1; default installation
After creating ann openPGP certificate, tried to publish on server
This fails with the old well known failure message
Then I (tried to) changed the default server to
but get same message with this new server.

My questions are
a) how do I have to configure Kleopatra to get certificates published? (I swear I searched and searched how to solve this issue, before posting, to no avail…)
b) how is it that a working configuration is not there out of the box? or why there is not a dialogue asking for a server?



do you have any blocked ports?

I just tested to publish a key to and it worked.


latest version is 4.1.0 not 4.0.1.

and there are 2 working servers, “hkps://” or “hkps://”