Problems trying to verify a "tails" download [subject edited by moderator]

I have just spent 3 effing days trying to make use of this gpg4win to verify a tails download. What bunch of morons came up with this stupid idea it is f***ing ludicrous !!
In all my years I have never come across such a convoluted, disjointed poorly implemented bunch of crap, there is no effing way anyone is going to do this.
Download this download that configure this import this, sign this, verify that and then after all that it doesn’t tell you shit about whether the file is good or not.
I am a programmer myself I work in statistical analysis and all I can say is you guys must have totally lost your minds if you think this system will ever be taken up by regular users, no one will ever figure out this aggravating bullshit even those lousy instructions on programming remote controls are more reasonable to understand than this.
Some people say the key should be a .sig file others say it should be a .pgp file, some sites just have a bunch of text how are you supposed to download a bunch of text ? configure key server what effing key server ?
and after three days everything I try to do with this piece of junk Kleopatra I have got nowhere.
The last method i tried was,

  1. download the main program
  2. download the .sig file
  3. download the .key file
  4. right click the .key file and import it
  5. right click the main program click verify
    6 check input file is a detached signature
    7 click decrypt/verify
    Result: “Could not determine if this is an s/mime or open pgp signature or maybe it is not a signature at all”

You know what i think ? I think you guys are either the NSA or the CIA and this open pgp system is just a ruse to deceive people because I am sure millions will do just like I did, eventually get so aggravated, they just give up on the idea of verifying its integrity and just install the damn software regardless and hope it is ok.
So yeah thanks for nothing.

You’re a programmer? And it’s taken you three days to get this far? Really? Maybe you’ve chosen the wrong profession. I’m an amateur coder and it’s just taken me twenty minutes, starting from scratch and never having bothered to verify a Tails download before, to do it successfully, including making a mistake and having to consult the Tails website instructions - have you actually read them? If you had, you would have seen what your “Result” message means. I’m not going to tell you - go and have a look.

One thing you certainly are is extremely rude. Before you start slagging off the extremely competent and dedicated real software engineers who work on GPG and Tails, perhaps you should RTFM. Start with the GPG4Win Compendium and the Enigmail Handbook by Daniele Raffo, then maybe you’ll get somewhere.

Yes, it’s difficult initially to get your head around. Security is difficult - deal with it. You’re not programming in VBS now. Kleopatra and GPA are good solid applications - I take particular exception to the way you refer to the former - but you have to be prepared actually to learn how to use them properly, and to learn about the basic principles behind them.

Get over it, and go and do some homework. And mind your language in future.

I’d like to second everything Mr. Ward wrote. I work in a grocery store and I’ve been using GPG on my laptop, desktop and mobile phone for a while now with no problems.

We’d all be glad to help you, but please be civil.

Sean C.

Dear Dan,

from your post I can read that you are deeply annoyed by Gpg4win.
I appologize that Gpg4win has contributed to this!

We know that Gpg4win and several crypto procedures or current best practices
are lacking usability a lot. However we make Gpg4win which implements OpenPGP available as is, because it is already very useful to many.

Thanks for taking the time to write down your feedback, we will try harder (within the available help and funding) to make it easier for you and everyone else!

From your feedback I am having a question:
Which download where you trying to verify? The package from ?
Which instructions did you try to follow in particular? Maybe the instructions can be improved.

Note that recognition of file types in Kleopatra currently depends on the file suffix.
This seems to be one of the issue you were encountering, It is on our wishlist
to improve this behaviour:


I have just spent 3 effing days trying to make use of this gpg4win to verify a tails download…I am a programmer myself I work in statistical analysis and all I can say is you guys must have totally…

Alrighty then.

Not sure what you were trying to accomplish with your post, but you’ve practically begged for zero cooperation.

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