Problem with mkportable.exe in 2.2.6 version of GPG4Win

When I use the program “mkportable.exe” in the latest version of GPG4Win (2.2.6) it only works to create a Vanilla portable version. The options to generate a Light or Full portable version don’t work. They claim that the file “gtk-update-icon-cache.exe.manifest” is missing. And upon checking the directory myself, I find that indeed this file is missing. The previous version of GPG4Win that I used (2.2.4) does not have this problem. Please make it a top priority to put this file in your public distribution of this software as soon as possible. I want to make sure that I always have at my disposal, a copy of the latest portable version of GPG4Win, in all 3 forms, Vanilla, Light, and Portable.


Sorry for that. That file has been removed in newer GTK versions included in 2.2.5 and 2.2.6 and we did not update mkportable accordingly. It is already done for the next release.

As a workarodund please just create an empty file in it’s place.

This was also reported at:


Thanks for the info, but when is the next version going to be released? It’s still version 2.2.6, which is the version that has this bug.

there is also a prerelease you could check out and report
to on the mailinglist