Problem with configuring GPG4win

I was installed the GPG4win in two computers and I got the same results.
I installed all except claws-mail.
After I restart the outlook I got the following errors:
User interface is not avaliable.
And after click on cancel I got:
S/MIME protected ot not readable.

The add-in of the encryption is shown but it’s not working when try to send encryption mail after create my certificate and import another certificate to send.
In addition when try to encrypt only one word file I got the following error:
IPC connector falied

Also the outlook crash with no reason and I got the following error in the event of the application:

faulting mudol gpgol.dll.
I don’t really know why I need to add the CA certificate? I just want it to communicate locally and not share the key in any server just from the keys that I will export to it.
Can someone help me with all this issues?