Problem w/ "setpref" for cipher and hash


I am new to Gpg4win and I am trying to set the ciphers, hashes and compressions I want to use as global ‘default’ with GnuPG.

I am using Gpg4win v.1.0.5 with WinPT v.1.0.0 on a Windows XP Home SP2.

I found a nice page that detials how to set preferences this but I am having problems.

I am able can run “gpg --version” to get the version info, etc.

However, when I run “gpg showpref” and “gpg setpref” I get “gpg: can’t open ‘showpref’”.

I adding GnuPG to my environmental variable PATH as so (I removed \GNU):

;C:\Program Files\GnuPG

As far as I understand I can set ‘global’ preferences so each new key set will use these preconfigured preferences, correct?

Here are the ciphers, hashes and compression preferences I want:

Ciphers: Twofish (s10), AES256 (s9), AES192 (s8)
Hash: RIPEMD160 (h7), SHA512 (h6)
Compression: ZIP (z1)

Here is the command that I think is correct:

cd “C:\Program Files\GnuPG”
gpg setpref s10 s9 s8 h7 h6 z1

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you,