Proble to decode cyrillic UTF-8 text from clipboard

When I decode Cyrillic text block from the clipboard in Kleopatra, I always got a corrupted UTF data (see screen in attach), but if I save the same encrypted text as file and decode it in a command prompt through gpg2.exe it’s looks normally. How to fix this behavior in the GUI app?


I have exact the same problem and have no fix for it!
Can someone help?

Hi, thanks for the report.
Can you help to turn this into a problem report that developers would
immedeately work on?

This would mean: Create a problem report in the tracker.
Make sure that is a test case that will show the issue even for a developer that cannot handle cyrillic text, e.g. a script or example files and screenshots to compare it to.

If you are able to, you could try fixing this in Kleo as well, the developers like patches of course. :wink:

Done, report is here: