Private keyring directory (private-keys-v1.d) on a separate removable device


Is there any way to fit the private ring directory ((\private-keys-v1.d) on a separate SD Card or other memory stick in latest versions (but only this directory, maintaining the normal tree for public keyring )?
I tried modifying the gpg.conf without success (as in previous versions setting private keyring). This is for security reason, if you would be forced to reveal the passphrase. It’s better to remove the media.

Thks for this software.


Josep M.


I don’t know if this is possible, maybe better to just use everything from the USB Token and just change the GNUPGHOME environment variable to use the USB Token as a home? This would be more consistent and less error prone.

On a Sidenote, I use an OpenPGP v2.1 Smartcard with a Gemalto Shell Token reader for my secret key. This way my computer does not have access to the secrets at all. With the USB Stick a malicious piece of software on your Computer could still access the secrets when you attach the USB token.