possible bug in gpg4win clawsmail (IMAP+SSL)?


I’ve been using Claws Mail on another system for a while (Maemo, a Linux-based OS, with Claws Mail version 3.7.0 and, before recent update, I think it was 3.5.0), and was excited to find that gpg4win offers a Windows version of Claws Mail (I just recently installed gpg4win 1.9.13 BETA). However, one of my e-mail accounts causes the gpg4win Claws Mail to crash (haven’t had a problem with my Linux version with this account), and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if anyone else has tips on what to try before I report it…

So far, I have a few IMAP accounts working fine, but the one account I’m having problems with requires SSL for receiving e-mails (I am able to send e-mails from this account just fine if I don’t try to receive any mail). In messing with the settings, I have found that if I tell it to use SSL for IMAP4, then when I try to update the folder list, Claws Mail crashes (I just get the little Windows screen that would allow me to send an error report to Microsoft). If I tell it to not use SSL for IMAP4 and try to update folders, it doesn’t crash, but the Network log reports “IMAP error on (null): stream error” (this e-mail server requires SSL, so I’m not surprised that there was some error). It also never says anything about a certificate, though all of my other IMAP accounts had messages about certificates when I first tried to use them. Additionally, if I don’t set the IMAP4 port to 993 (particular to this e-mail server), Claws Mail also crashes regardless of SSL (I don’t need to specify the port on my Linux version of Claws Mail).

Sorry this is a lot of information, but I don’t really know enough about IMAP servers to figure out what might be causing this problem, and I figure it would be nice if I could better pinpoint the problem (or how to reproduce it) before filing a bug report (I’d rather not provide the server URL since it would somewhat personally identifying). Has anyone had similar problems, or have any suggestions as to what I should try to further pinpoint (or fix?) this problem? I notice anything related to this on the bug tracker.

Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

Note that that last sentence should say “didn’t notice anything […] on bug tracker”. Also, if it helps any, I’m using Windowx XP Pro.