Planned removal of WinPT in a future release

Just received the announcement of Gpg4win 1.9.2 with this note:

“NOTE: It is planned to remove GnuPG 1 and WinPT from Gpg4win in one of the next releases. If your use case still requires one of these componentes and you find no alternative inside Gpg4win, please let the Gpg4win Team know.”

I am rather surprised that WinPT is scheduled for removal. I have been using WinPT for apps that do not have dedicated GnuPG plugins, and frankly, it is an extremely user-friendly and versatile frontend to GnuPG.

Is there a better alternative to WinPT that I am not aware of?

Well, “better” is likely relative :slight_smile:

However, WinPT is a unmaintained product.
After Timo left, no one picked up the development.

Another problem is that WinPT is Windows-only.
This lowers the community strength - after
all this might be the reason why it is abandoned.

There are two alternatives: GPA and Kleopatra.
Both are integrated in Gpg4win 1.9. GPA is
already part of Gpg4win 1.x