Pl. help: Gpg4Win or Comodo Secure Mail (CSE)

Dear Forum !

Me (together wih some friends and colleagues) consider using a secure mail sending method.

We have heard of your GpG4Win as well as CSE: Comodo Secure mail (S/MIME).
As we know they use the two competing standards.

Our question:
Looking into the future, and considering that most of our correspondences still do not use any of this kind of encryption software, which one would you propose to use ?:

The following requirements should be fullfilled:

1-Correspondence to Non-Encryption users must be still simple and possible
2-We need very few time investment for users installing and using the software
3-Easy for the sender to read and write, respond
4-No time consuming en- and decryption
5-Using mostly Outlook 2003 (SP2+), Thunderbird to write and read encrpyted signed mail
6-No crashes, no bugs, stable system (especially using gpgOL Plugin!)

And of course,
it must be safe !

Do you have any preference which to use, it is difficult for us to make a decision, as our knowledge is limited.

However, we like the idea of open source software, but this should not be the only decision-making factor.

Thank you for your responses !

Dies ist das Deutsch-sprachige Forum. :slight_smile:

In der Frage geht es auch um Email-Standards. Davon gibt es zwei weit verbreitete: S/MIME und OpenPGP. Die schon in Beta erhältliche Gpg4win-Version der zweiten Generation kann beides.