Pinentry message garbled

I’ve installed Gpg4Win 2.2.1 (2.2.2b37 gives the same result) on a Windows 7 machine, and it seems the pinentry program fails to correctly display the key name for which the passphrase is requested, see attached PNG (which appeared after entering a command like “gpg -s file.txt” from a command prompt).

Is there any workaround or anything wrong with my configuration?

Thanks for any help!


Can you try another pinentry please and upload a screenshot?

To do this rename pinentry-gtk.exe in your gpg4win installation folder to pinentry.exe

It would be interesting to know if this shows the same behavior.

Could you possibly attach the public key of the key that triggers this behavior? This might also be useful to see if there is something special about it.

I’ve tried all the other pinentry exe, and they have the same problem.

However, I think I’ve located the problem, because if I remove the share\locale\fr\LC_MESSAGES\ file, then I get a message correctly formatted in English. My guess would be that this translation file is somehow badly formatted or used (I tried to copy the Linux version of that file but it failed as well).

Right the message looks fishy in the fr.po file (this is also a problem on Linux then)

I’ve sent a mail to the gnupg localization mailing list about this problem.

We’ve figured out the problem and a fix for this will be part of the 2.2.2 Release. It was not that the translation was invalid but when formatting this string we did not support the reordering of the parameters (which the french translation did) under Windows.

This was thanks to your feedback, we did not have that problem on our radar before.

I’ve attached a screenshot. I don’t speak french but this looks Ok to me. :slight_smile:


This looks great and seems to solve the problem.