Pinentry-gtk-2.exe crashes on Windows XP


Pinentry-gtk-2.exe crashes when generating new keys (via GPA).
----------Error message----------
pinentry-gtk-2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Faulting application pinentry-gtk-2.exe, version, faulting module libglib-2.0-0.dll, version, fault address 0x0005c845.

Gpg4win: 3.1.2
OS: Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)

  1. I tried to reproduce this failure by running directly pinentry-gtk-2.exe (not via GPA).
    pinentry-gtk-2.exe started normally.

  2. I entered commands (which I took from the log) in pinentry-gtk-2.exe
    OPTION no-grab
    OPTION ttyname=/dev/tty
    OPTION lc-ctype=Russian_Russia.1251
    OPTION allow-external-password-cache
    OPTION default-ok=_OK
    OPTION default-cancel=Отмена (_C)
    OPTION default-yes=Да (_Y)
    OPTION default-no=Нет (_N)
    OPTION default-prompt=PIN:
    OPTION default-pwmngr=Сохранить в диспетчере паролей (_S)
    OPTION default-cf-visi=Вы действительно хотите, чтобы фраза-пароль была видна на экране?
    OPTION default-tt-visi=Показывать фразу-пароль
    OPTION default-tt-hide=Скрывать фразу-пароль
    OPTION touch-file=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\gnupg\S.gpg-agent
    GETINFO flavor
    GETINFO version
    GETINFO ttyinfo
    GETINFO pid
    INQUIRE PINENTRY_LAUNCHED 3644 gtk2 1.1.1-beta5 /dev/tty - -
    SETKEYINFO --clear
    SETDESC Введите фразу-пароль%0Aдля защиты нового ключа
    SETPROMPT Фраза-пароль:
    SETQUALITYBAR Стойкость%3a
    SETQUALITYBAR_TT Стойкость введенного выше текста. Проконсультируйтесь у администратора о критериях оценки стойкости.
    SETREPEATERROR не подходит - попробуйте еще раз
    SETREPEAT Повторите:

pinentry-gtk-2.exe took commands normally.

I believe that the failure occurs when pinentry-gtk-2.exe creates a window, because the error message indicates libglib-2.0-0.dll

How do I get pinentry-gtk-2.exe to create and display a window?

Thanks for any help and advice.


Might be a problem with GTK / Glib and Windows XP support. They dropped it some time ago, too but we kept it working.

I don’t have an XP instance for testing anymore, too. So I can’t help.

You really really should use a different Operating System especially for anything that involves security… If a modern Windows is too expensive I would strongly recommend a GNU/Linux system. Then maybe run Windows in a Virtual Machine on that system if you need Windows applications.