PGP to GPG migration help


We have been using PGP and now with cost constraints we are looking at GPG4WIN to replace PGP. Although the migration can be easyly done, there was one question raised.

How to access historical mail records that have been encrypted in PGP in the past. Would GPG let users view the old mails?

I would need help on this, appretiate your comments and help.

PGP version used: 8.1

Thanks in advance.

In theory it should be OK.
But PGP might have been used with some
strange algorithms, so I am not sure.

If you need more details you might want to
ask on the gnupg mailing lists.

Hi Jan-Oliver,

Thank you for your comments.

Please let me know if the steps that i carried out is right.

  1. I first export the PGP key along with the Secret key to a single asc file. PGP uses CAST5 & AES and no IDEA.
  2. Uninstall PGP and install GPG4WIN.
  3. Use the CLI of GPG to import the asc file.
  4. Use WinPT and set implicit trust and full validity.
  5. Launch MS outlook and check for old mails which were PGP encrypted. GPG prompts for a passphrase.
  6. After the passphrase the decryption fails.

Dont know why and there is no error report or log available to check.

Would be glad to know your comments on this.

Many Thanks

The method you described looks reasonable,
but I have no way to reproduce this because
I do not have PGP.

As I said in the previous message,
it is probably better to ask on the gnupg-devel
or gnupg-users list about migration from
PGP to GnuPG.


Looks like most problems would sort out with the new install of MS Office 2K3 With SP2. For MS outlook users XP/2002 G-Data’s Outlook plugin works well but wouldnt work on oultllok 2K3


Not sure what MS Office should change.
But of course you need Outlook 2003 SP2
(yes, 2003SP2 is minimum version, earlier does not work properly).

BTW: GPGol is not the GData plugin of GnuPP.


Looks like the migration from PGP to GPG would need further investigation. PGP when installed a year ago were running on MS outlook 2002/XP and now when migration is needed the MS outlook versions has been changed to 2003 and with SP2/SP3 looks like this could have caused some interoperablity issue.


I suggest to try to encrypt, sign, verify and decrypt files on the command line, then you can be sure that the key is properly migrated into gpg and there is a problem is a different component. As long as the key does not work on the command line your problem is in the gpg crypto backend itself.

Hello all,

I think the problem was with Gol was that it couldnt understand the version upgrade of MS outlook from 2000/XP to 2003. I tried the GPGtools from and all problems seems to be resolved.

Suggeste all to who have similar problems to try this.