PGP for Win

I have a question regarding PGP for Win.

Where I find the set of librairies that I could add to a VB6 win application, or the DOS command lines, to be able to sign a file on the disk?

I can do it manually, but I have to automate the process in a Win32 application.

Thanks for helping.

You might want to use the command line tool
for your purposes.
gpg --help gives an overview on the command line parameter.

GpgME is a library with a nice API.
But I am pretty sure there is no support for

Hello to all,

i’m new to PnuGP, recently i have created a key pair.

my question is how do i use it? how do i proceed from there?

i use yahoo email. how do i use it to securely sent email.

where and how do i see my public key and how do i post it on the internet.

is fingerprint the same with public key?

how do i sign a key pair?

pls. help me. im new and hardly dont understant how to start.