.pgp file instead of .gpg file


I want to introduce gpg4win here in our company, I have a small problem with it:
If you rightclick on a file, and choose ‘geepg’ and then ‘Sign & incrypt’ it results in a .gpg file. How can I change it (option somewhere?), so gpg4win creates a .pgp fileextension instead of a .gpg extension.

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On the WinPT tray icon, right click, Preferences, WinPT, Change the dropdown menu, Default Extension for encrypted files to PGP :slight_smile:

thanks for the fast anwser!

I’ve tried it, and it does work if I use WinPT to encrypt & sign files.
It doesn’t work if I use the windows context menu (right click on a file in window explorer, choose Geepg, and select Sign & Encrypt), then it still creates a .gpg file.

Any ideas?

yah, i agree,

im confused about the two. explorer context right click gpgee functionality with the winpt.

another thing is that you can use gpa.exe and winpt to export the public key and they have different extensions although they contain the same public key component.

the problem goes when you sign your public key to authenticate it, seems both procedures has different results and i dont know which one of them is valid.

How do I use WinPT to encrypt and sign a file if I DON’T right click on it ? (If this will get me around the problem of the file extension I’ll be glad to do it but have only been using the Windows context menu.)

Jim, rightclick the WinPT icon on the taskbar and choose File Manager. drag the files you want to encrypt in the window and sign+encrypt the file to a .pgp file. (CTRL-A doesn’t work to select all files, use down arrow+SHIFT)

Thanks - but I can’t seem to find this drop-down box where I can change the extension - the only drop-down I have available in my WinPT preferences is “Select Wipe Mode” ?

Jim, check the following screen shots:


(I assume you are using WinPT v1.2.0)

Thanks again - Nope - my version is older - using v. 0.11.12 - I’ll update - thanks again !

In GPG4Win 2.0.4 there is no WinPT, is there another way to change the default file extension form .gpg to .pgp?

Is there a solution yet to change the default extension from .gpg to .pgp? We’re running 2.1.0? Thanks, Ed