PGP decryption using 2.1.1 light and outlook 2007


I don’t know if anyone else has had issues using 2.1.1 light and outlook 2007?

I seem to have this issue in any of the version 2.x.x of GPG4win and no issues in version 1.x.x.

I can encrypt emails fine in both versions. No issue.

Decrypting emails within outlook however for 2.x.x there is some very odd behaviour:

If I send an encrypted email to myself and Iclick on it. I get prompted for the passphrase. I enter the passphrase and I can read the email for a couple of seconds but something happens in outlook and, then when I click back on it there is no text, just a bunch of attachments which seem to still be encrypted (two .dat files and a gpg text file). Clicking the decrypt button does not work.

If I receive an encrypted email from someone else I don’t get prompted for my passphrase to decrypt. When I click the decrypt button in outlook nothing happens. I have two .dat attachments - one says version 1 and the other is the GPG text which I can then click open up and it is GPG text which I can copy and paste into the clip board to decrypt, but I really don’t want to use it this way. This also doesn’t help if I have an attachment on the email as well.

Has anyone seen this issue before? As I said version 1.x.x email seems to work perfectly, but I would like to install the latest version for support reasons.