Permanently decrypt Mails in Outlook

Hello forum,
I searched my fingers to the bone, but I was not able to find any information yet so forgive me if this question has already been asked/discussed here or somewhere else.

My idea is to store my email-archive decrypted, and as it is stored in a veracrypt-container, there should be no security concern. But, it seems that I can only decrypt the emails one by one, not in bulk mode. Is this intentional?

It would be great to be able to do this for a bunch of mails, so I dont have to this for thousands of emails by hand… meh :slight_smile:

If this forum is not the right place for feature requests, please point me to the right direction or if someone knows a third-party script doing this task.

thanks alot,

Hi Blitzdesigner,

it is fine to ask questions here and also to suggest improvements or new features. :slight_smile:

As for permanent decryption of emails: This depends on the mail client (or mail user agent as some write). If you are using Outlook and the Outlook Add-in GpgOL (coming with Gpg4win)
you can enable permanent decryption. This should work for all emails that GpgOL decrypted once.

However due to the technical nature of what Outlook is allowing Add-ins to do, this feature does not always work as reliably as we want it to. So it is good to test your setup.

A bulk operation working on several emails maybe or may not be possible, so far I don’t remember if we ever tried building it. If all incoming email is decrypted, it should not be needed that often. It would be an additional feature. (However it is not high on the list so far.). For more control about what happens to your emails in general you may consider using a Free Software mail user agent that uses more standard protocols like IMAP to access the mails on the server .

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