passphrase reset

I just installed GPG and it’s not accepting my passphrase when I attempt to decrypt/verify a file that was sent to me. I know I’m using the correct passphrase. Is there any way to reset the passphrase?


Dear Glen,

the passphrase itself cannot be recovered or reset.

However it is strange that you believe that you had used the right passphrase
which would be the one that you had given to GnuPG when you created your key
and cert. Or did you import key and cert?

Maybe something from
helps you as well.


I was a bit mistaken. What I need is a new passphrase for my secret key. If I can’t change the passphrase how do I get a new secret key. Thoughts?!?!?!? My boss is really on me about this.

Depends what you’re using. If you use the Enigmail extension with Thunderbird, see Key Management in the Enigmail menu. You can generate a new GPG key pair in Key Management.
Or from a command prompt, gpg --gen-key
You don’t offer much information about your setup/system, which makes it difficult to offer good/specific help.

Honestly, I don’t think it liked my passphrase. I created a new key with a very simple passphrase and it seems to be working. Fingers crossed…

Thanks for tips and suggestions!