P>GP4Win with Outlook 2010 doesn't work

Hi @ all,

I have a problem with the use of PGP4Win in combination with Outlook 2010.
I installed the software correctly, created a certificate und tested it with adele successfully.
If i want to sign or encryt a new email by using the plugin buttons i can not recognize any reaction of the software. It behaves like doing noting. The other buttons, like decrypting, still work - i get a message box.

I re-installed the software, too, but without success.
Have anybody here some advices for me how to fix this problem?

Thanx, Christian

I have the same exact issue. Can anyone please assist? When you create a new message, click GpgOL tab, then click Encrypt, nothing happens. Thanks.

I think this also might be caused by the problem we are currently discussing in https://wald.intevation.org/forum/message.php?msg_id=3346

Wow, thanks! It seems that the DLL replacement in that thread fixed the encryption issue :slight_smile: