Outside encrypted emails in Outlook are showing as attachments

My company uses Outlook and for awhile when I would get encrypted emails from outside the organization they would decrypted and I would view them in the preview pane like any other email. Now emails from the outside are changed(if I had to guess IT has enabled some security feature) and when I view the email in the preview pane it shows CAUTION: External Email and the encrypted email is an attachment.

When I click on the attachment it opens the email in the preview pane but doesn’t decrypt it. Instead it shows 2 attachments. A PGP/MIME version identification file and a OpenPGP encrypted message.asc

The only way I have been able to view the email is to save the encrypted email attachment and then open the .msg. While this works it just keeps the msg files on my PC and itsn’t easy to work with because it is outside the Outlook desktop client.

Is there anything I can do on my side to fix this?

No we have this problem regularly with our customers. You have to ask your admins to whitelist pgp-encrypted mails. When that stupid msg is inserted it destroys the MIME structure of the mail.

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