Outlook (with GPGOL) doesn't find certificate. Kleopatra do it !


When I launch Kleopatra, all the certificates (and private/public keys) are ok, and certified.

I just want to send a secure mail, I click on the “secure” button and “send”. A popup appears, I click on “OpenPGP”, but the Certificate’s sender (ME) is not available (but Kleopatra see them !).

I join some pictures of this bug.

Can U help me ?


Sans titre 8.jpg

from your screenshot it does not look like you have imported your private key to Kleopatra. Only pubkeys are listed (privkeys would be bold).

“Secure” in GpgOL consists of Both signing and encrypting and for signing you need a private key for your mail address.

Please check that you have your secret key imported.

For testing you can create a new key for your mail address in Kleopatra. That Key should then show up.