Outlook Plugin Issue

I’m running Windows 7 (64-bit), Outlook 2007 in a Corporate exchange environment, GPG4Win 2.1.0

When I launch Outlook it seams to hang, I get a “GpgOL” windows appearing with the following message:-

“The user interface server is not available or could not be started in time. You may want to try again.”

I get an optionto rerty or cancel. rerty gives me the same message and cancel opens another “GpgOL” windows with the following message:-

"The user interface server is not available or does not work. Using an internal user interface.

This is limited to the PGP/MIME protocol and thus S/MIME protected message are not readable."

I then click on “Okay” and can get into Outlook.

In Outlook none of the buttons to encrypt or sign messages work and if I try to open the test message from “Adele” Outlook crashes.

If i go into “Kleopatra” and select Settings, Perform self-test… The test that fails is “Uiserver Connectivity” and the result is “Not reachable”. If I click on that test the detail is:-

“Could not connect to Uiserver: start_uiserver: not yet implemented”

The proposed corrective action is:-

“Check that you firewall is not set to block local connections (allow connections to localhost or”

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this and get it working with Oulook???

I am having the exact same problem.

Outlook 2003 SP3
Windows XP

I grabbed this software quick thinking I was getting a simple command line equivalent of the linux software. Now I have all these bells and whistles that don’t even work…Very dissappointing.

Whatever happened here it has rendered my Send button in outlook useless. Uninstalling the software for now…hopefully that works.