Outlook PlugIn is preventing normal encrypeted email to be decrypted

Hi Support,
I’ve recently imported into Outlook a new certificate correcly on 2 computers: 1 with gpg4win and 1 without gpg4win.
The computer with no gpg4win is able to decrypted incoming email normally meanwhile the other one with pgp4win fail that operation showing no body of the email.
I have installed the .p12 certificate righclicking it and installing it.
Can you please support me?

Hi All,
I know this is free software but I really need your support, can somebody please help me with my probem?

Hi Gianluca,

as you mention a .p12 certificate, I assume that you try to use the
cryptographic message syntax and S/MIME with GpgOL.

So you did enable S/MIME in the GpgOL settings? (Should be off by default.)

Two possibilities:
a) You want to Outlook to continue handling the S/MIME emails.
If so you need to:
a.1 Check that S/MIME ist disabled in GpgOL. (Default)
a.2 Make sure to import the certificate into the store that outlook is using and not with Kleopatra into GnuPG’s store (GnuPG is the crypto engine of Gpg4win.)

b) You want Gpg4Win handle the S/MIME emails.
b.1 enable S/MIME in GpgOL settings
b.2 make sure that certificate chain of your certificate is trusted, which
at least means to import the root certificate into GnuPG and mark it as trusted.
There are some hints here: https://wiki.gnupg.org/X.509
b.3 import your private certificate to GnuPG

Best Regards,

Hi Bernand,

the end user is on vacation right now and she will back on 6th September, I will provide a feedback on that date, thanks for the fast reply


Hi Bernhard,

your 1st solutions was great, s/mime was on, we just turned it off and we fixed all.

Thanks again for your support