Outlook Plug-in

After many headaches i finally was able to compile GnuPG for Windows, vesion 0.7.0…Turns out that once i tried to do it on a Debian box it was way easier. I installed it and it works great so far. But when i open Outlook and go to Tools->Options->GnuPg Tab->Advance button the only text i can see is “Path to key-manager-binary” and an input box for it. I dont think that is normal since i found a flash movie at http://gnupg.equipmente.de/ that shows the plug-in and it does not look like mine. BTW, the movie is in german , i think, and i dont understand a word but a picture is worth a thousand words.

I had a friend try it and it did the same to him. I wonder if something went wrong with the cration of my exec file or if it is something on the code or perhaps workstation related. Anyone else seen this?



describing the build process as easy as possible
is still a today. It is planned to have
a page on the website on this subject.
Debian Sarge is the best option indeed.

I do not know the movie.
I guess it shows the Outlook Express plugin?

Gpg4win only contains the Plugin for the “real”
Outlook. AFAIK, development of the Express
plugin has been stopped.