Outlook/Exchange: eMail Hangs Entering / Moving Recipients

Hi there,

Since a few days eMail window hangs in Outlook when inserting new names or moving recipients within or across to/cc/bcc field(s). Am not able to relate it to any update.
For smaller amount of recipients it blocks the app for a few secs - for bigger lists - up to 20 sec, bringing Outlook to complete “Not responding” state.

Completely gone, when disabling GpgOL Outlook add-in.

So it seams for me that the add-in tries to check always all names (again). Is there any chance to disable signing/encryption per default - that it is only checked at the end, before sending? Or any other way “to tell the add-in” not to check names - assuming my assessment is correct.

Or any other ideas to identify and overcome the RC? Currently have disabled the add-in, and enable “on demand” to send a signed/encrypted message - which is as well annoying … .

Thanks in advance for feedback and support!

Win 10 21H2 19044.1889
Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14931.20652) 64-bit

In the Options you should disable the Automation options. Especially “Resolve recipient keys automatically”.

I wonder what takes so long there. Could you maybe add a log with log level +Outlook API set. You can enable logging also in the options under debugging.

Thanks for the quick response!

AUA - that was a quick and silly one …
Honestly - never checked the little arrow for more settings.
What is not clear - but not of real interest - why it worked out so far and now turned into problem; fact is - disabled now the automation - and all is fine again now :)!