Outlook crashes when pasting an email address into the CC box

With GpgOL from the 3.0.0 release of gpg4win:

  1. Create a new email message (set to open in a new windows)
  2. Set GpgOL to Encrypt
  3. Add email addresses in to the “To:” list; in this case, 5 different email addresses, all of whom are using gpg4win
  4. Select and Ctrl-X cut the last of the email addresses
  5. Go into the “Cc:” box and Ctrl-V paste
  6. Outlook crashes and, on restarting, disables GpgOL and shows a notification that GpgOL caused the crash

Debug log from this session, with redacted email addresses, is attached. There doesn’t seem to be anything logged at the point of the crash as the last entry in this log is related to the 5th recipient being added in to the To: list.

gpgol-crash.log (374 KB)

Thanks for your report. In general the preferred channel for bug reports is dev.gnupg.org

I can reproduce your problem and will look into it.

Thanks for letting me know about dev.gnupg.org; I probably did see that at some point but forgot. Sorry.


I’m pretty sure I fixed it.
Somehow outlook does not like it if we access the recipients immediately after paste. The API call to obtain the recpients crashed.
As we don’t need the recipients immediately I’ve changed it to wait for 100ms after the past to read out the recipients. Then it no longer crashes.

Does not really sound robust but I did not see another way as I don’t see anything wrong with our API call to obtain the recipients.