Outlook crashes if different email address...

I have this issue here:
If the email address of the recipient is different from the email address associated with the public key that I am trying to encrypt to, Outlook first displays the ‘Recipient dialog’ screen, showing the email address of the recipient under ‘Recipients which were NOT found’, then as soon as I pick one of the keys from my key ring and submit it just crashes. Sometimes I get the ‘Do you want to send a bug report…’ thingie and sometimes I don’t.
If I enter the same email address as the one from the public key, it gets encrypted and sent just fine.

Windows XP SP2
Outlook 2003 SP2
Gpg4win 1.0.6
GPGol 0.9.90

Anyone else having similar problems?

I can confirm this bug. I’ve also 2 email addresses assigned to an ID. I get the same message and when encryption starts Outlook crashes and the default dialog box for sending reports to Microsoft is shown.

Since this seems reproducable, can one of
your create a bug report?

Carlos, do you mind reporting it? Because I didn’t know how to create a bug entry, I browsed through the existing bug reports and saw that people are usually pasting log excerpts, and I don’t have logs set up.
Thanks in advance

Okay, I’ve added a bug entry here:

However, I’m not sure this is the right place, seing issues having status: ‘unread’ & Activity: ‘1 month ago’…