Outlook and symmetric encryption


I have noticed that while I can receive mails encrypted with symmetric (pre-shared) keys, I cannot create such mails. Have I missed something, or can this be expected in a future version?

As a side note, decrypting of the preview pane doesn’t seem to work… Any clue?

Thanks, though, for providing a working solution for Outlook!


You’re right, right now GPGol is not able to create symmetric encrypted messages.

This is on our TODO list but with a lower priority.

Okay, fair enough.

Is there anything I can do to make this a higher priority? We are in the process of being PCI certified (Payment Card Industry data security standard), and I need a more versatile e-mail and general encryption framework than S/MIME. PGP/GPG suits the bill perfectly, except for the - until now - lack of up-to-date Outlook support.
It is, however, important for us to be able to do symmetric encryption, especially when, for example, exchanging public keys the first time, or when communicating with people who don’t have PHP/GPG as part of their standard encryption framework, but still need to receive or send data.


thats easy: money makes this immediatly
a high priority :wink:

In fact, it is up to you: Much of the work
done for Gpg4win is on a volunteer basis.
Various parts though (expecially GPGol) have
additionally been contracted by interested
parties (companies, authorities) to
solve/extend this and that.

It is obvious that the volunteers have their
own priorities and pace.

Apart from this: You do not need symmtetric
encryption for the exchange of public keys.
You don’t need any encryption for them.
Trust is via signatures on the keys and/or
check of fingerprints (personally, via
telephone or other ways).