Outlook and Forms

My wife just started using GPG4Win 2.1.0 two days ago for use in her work. She is using Windows Outlook 2007 patched to current levels running on Windows 7 Premium that is also patched to current levels.

GPG4Win works well except for templates. My wife is a tech support manager who receives a lot of customer e-mails. In order to quickly get through the them, she uses a template add-in (Email Templates Pro) that enables her to create canned responses. She just chooses the appropriate response (works for ~85% of the queries) and she’s done. That is where the issue lies - GPG4Win is taking all e-mails prepared using the templates and a) coverts the e-mail to plain text (from HTML) and b) makes them low priority.

The workaround (that removes encryption) was to remove GPGOL flags from the Inbox. She’ll take a look at having messages actually requiring encryption go to another directory and then she’ll still have GPGOL flags for the Inbox but that hasn’t occurred yet.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there a fix or workaround? Because it is not a Microsoft add-in, probably not but have to ask.

In advance, thanks!
Best Regards,