Outlook 2019 Does not show decrypted mail

Hi There,
Just started using Outlook 2019 (Against Office 365), used Outlook 2016 before, with out problems.
However when I receive a decrypted mail, gpgol says it decrypting the mail, but the mailbody is not shown.

Any suggestions to what the problem could be?


Under very rare cases our system can “hang” in that case restarting helps (or killing a process named “gpg-agent.exe”).

If that does not help the next step to analyse this would be to turn on debugging in the GpgOL options and share the logs with us.

Please confirm, Office 2019 as in the permanent-license version, and if so, which build of Outlook?

I have it mostly working here with latest monthly Office 365 subscription ProPlus Outlook, which should at this point be fairly close to Office 2019 still. There’s mostly the PGP/MIME issue to be aware of in case you also use the mailbox from non-Outlook clients. Oh and don’t rely on PGP status fields in the message display being colored consistently.