Outlook 2010 plugin and certificate

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Does the outlook plugin “gpgol.dll” has a certificate that can be used to be trusted with our gpo’s?

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Hi Like,

with “gpo” you mean “group policy object”?
Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to do?

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Yes, by default we use the Group Policy object to block all add-in for outlook

and we also use gpo’s and a white list to allow all know but certified add-in like:


“To trust an add-in for all users of a machine, it must be signed with a Trusted Publisher’s Certificate (See Authenticode Certificates in Granting Trust to Office Solutions and How to: Add a Trusted Publisher to a Client Computer for ClickOnce Applications for more information)”

Can you also provide a Trusted Publisher’s Certificate?

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thanks for explaining.

As far as I know we are not signing the gpgol.dll directly.
I guess we could, the question is: Is this important enough on our
roadmap to do it soon. (One way to raise this on our list
is to fund it via our professional support of course.)

I’ve opened an issue for developers


Thank you very much for answer.