Outlook 2007 No Decrypt Button

We have been using GPG4Win for awhile now and are really looking forward to switching to v2 to get rid of its random bugs. I have installed v2 and now v2.0.1, but cannot decrypt emails. I can copy to clipboard and use Kleopatra to decrypt. I also have all options on the Add Ins tab for sending encrypted emails. I just don’t have an Add Ins tab or anywhere else I can see a button for decrypting emails I have received. Any advice is appreciated.

Just did a clean VM install of XP and Office 07 with latest GPG 2.01. Still no addins tab for incoming emails to decrypt.

+1 for me. windows 7, outlook 2007, can verify signatures of incoming mail but no function on the Add-in ribbon to decrypt.

You don’t need a “decrypt button” because GPGOL automatically decrypts any encrypted message that you receive in your inbox. {That’s what I’ve experienced using Gpg4win 2.0.2rc1.)