Outlook 2007 beta 2 breakage

I know that I can’t expect gpg2win to work on a beta release of Outlook 2007, don’t worry :wink:

But I thought I would take the opportunity to report the problems I’m experiencing with the plugin in Outlook 2007 beta 2.

The plugin seems to load successfully and the WinPT button is integrated into the standard toolbar (and works!) however, I’m unable to encrypt or decrypt messages.

For starters, the encrypt/decrypt/sign buttons are completely missing in the message dialog boxes. I suspect this is merely because of the way Outlook 2007 completely rearranges the UI and toolbars into “ribbons.” You might want to investigate this, as I’m unable to even customize the toolbars and/or ribbons to find the buttons. They’re just gone. I suspect they’re not registered to the right place.

I see that the dialogs for GPGol’s options are still functioning correctly, however placing checkmarks in some features appears to have no effect. In an effort to workaround the aforementioned button problem, I selected to automatically decrypt messages in the preview window and save them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work - the messages still show in the preview window as encrypted and I’m unable to decrypt them even though GPGol correctly asks for my gnupg key’s passkey when selecting the message.

Again, I didn’t expect this to work, but I thought you guys might want to be on top of Outlook 2007 and know how your project is reacting to it.

Thanks for this interesting report!

From the authors of GPGol I learned that
it is a nightmare to work with the
Outlook API.

A nightmare indeed. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen before in new versions - where the buttons just disappear. Usually it’s because they change the way buttons are registered.

I have verified that in Outlook 2007 B2TR you can decrypt messages. In the message view there is a tab called add-ins and there you will find the familiar decrypt button. It does not work with PGP/MIME signed emails, but it does work with PGP/MIME encrypted emails.

Hi, is there any update on this issue?

Hi -

I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate with Office 2007 Enterprise, both with all updates installed. These are the production releases, FWIW.

The binaries appear to work properly - the installer did not update the PATH so I had to do it manually - and I was even able to sftp my Unix keyrings into my gpg4win account with no problem.

Key managers and other tools show up in Outlook 2007; however, tools to sign, encrypt and/or decrypt are totally absent and cannot even be added manually.

The “gpgol.dll” does not show up in the Outlook 2007 addins or the COM addins, and it is not possible to add it manually using the dialogs. It appears that Outlook 2007 just doesn’t recognize that file… although why the other buttons and dialogs WOULD show up is beyond my skill to guess.

Anyway, just a user update, FWIW. Hope it helps.