Outlook 2003 - WinPT


When using right mouse click on my key, in WinPT… I select “send key to mail recipient”.
Popup error titled “mapi” says “could not sent mail”

This is on a Windows XP Pro maching with Outlook 2003 running. WinPT 1.0.1, installed with the Gpg4win package 1.0.7

I have this issue with two different machines running same versions of everything.

thank you in advance for advice

  • John

I’m currently working on this problem. But it seems that it depends on the local config. For example I tested it with Outlook Express and there it works. Plus it works with my Outlook XP version.

Could you test if it works with the express version?

Hello, I just happen to have a third system here at home without Outlook 2003 on it. I set up Express and installed the package. The “send key to mail recipient” feature worked properly.

interestingly, I don’t see any integration into Express like I see in 2003 (the button and tab in options)

The verion of Express I tested with is 6 with SP2

thank you

I did a bit of testing this morning.

On my primary PC, I changed default email client from 2003 to Express. “send key to recipient” did not work.
Reinstalled GPG4Win package - process worked using Express
Switched back to 2003 - did not work, but got a new error message. First error popup was titled “Microsoft Office Outlook”, error said “The Operation Failed”. after closing error, the standard MAPI “Coule Not Sent Mial” error popped.
Re-installed GPG4Win - still does not work and new error message went away… now only the MAPI error happens.

I hope this helps in some way.

OK, I have it working.

I ran the Office update process, which installed SP2 of Office. After rebooting Windows, tried the “send key to mail recipient” process and it worked - without having to reinstall GPG4Win.

I can try this on my office PC tomorrow and confirm results across multiple systems.

well, I ran SP2 at the office and that did not fix the problem for me on this system… weird.

switched email client on this system to outlook express and still got the MAPI error.

I’ve installed GPG4Win on two additional machines in my office… both with Windows XP and Office 2003. Service packs are all at same level, and patches should at least be close to the same on all systems.

My machine and one other, the “send to mail recipient” does not work. On a third machine, it did work.

go figure.

I’m confident it would work on all three with Outlook Express - as it has on other machines I have tried it on so far

not sure if any of this info is helping or not.

I found that I only get the MAPI error when I double click the WinPT tray icon to open the key manager. If I right click the WinPT tray icon and select key manager it works. Using version 1.2.0