Outlook 2003 SP3 - Buttons


Can anyone tell me how to get a “encrypt-message” button in Outlook 2003 SP3 ?
I tried GPG4Win 1.1.3, GNUPG-Basic, and GPG4Win Beta 1.9.7.

Documentation chapter 9 “Encrypting emails” shows two buttons within the mail-editor but I can’t get them to appear on my testlab outlook.

options/gpgol are available so GPGol seems to be properly registered in outlook, but there is no “encrypt” or “sign” button within the “mail-editor window”, huh?

thing is, I need a simple way for my employes to encrypt/decrypt messages. the best way would be a simple button within the mail-editor.

any help would be much appreciated

Disable the “Write Emails with Microsoft Office Word 2003” option and the buttons should appear :slight_smile: