Outlook 2003 -- Passphrase for decryption


I just installed gpg4win and it works just fine, even with Outlook 2003 SP2. However, there’s one little thing that bothers me:

To decrypt a mail in Outlook I need to insert my passphrase. That’s fine. But the request for inserting the passphrase shows up only for the first mail to decrypt. For every decryption after the first one, no request for entering the phrase is being made.

This seems to be a feature to keep the user from entering the passphrase every time decrypting a message.

But that’s exactly what I want – entering the passphrase every time I decyrpt a message! I won’t neither Outlook nor gpg4win to remember my passphrase for a whole Outlook session.

I know, I can use WinPT instead, but copying the whole message into the clipboard and back to Outlook is kind of nasty as well :confused:

Any suggestions?


Just open the config-options for GPGol under outlook and turn down the Passphrase Caching time to 0


Hi Michael!

Damn, looks like I just missed that field. Thank you!

Best regards, Michael