Outlook 2003 not sending any mail

Dear all!

I just started to use the GnUPG on an Win Xp with Outlook 2003. At this time I can read the encripted mail, working welll, but I cannot send Any mail if the GpGOL plugin is active in the outlook. I hit the send button and nothing happen! The new mail window still on the screen, no error messages no freezing. If I switch the plugin off, I can send mails again as well.

Any suggestion?


I have same issue in Outlook 2007 too, any idea to fix the issue? Thanks.


My sending issue has been solved by installing the Oulook 2007. Now everything is fine. (but I still don’t know what is the probleme with the O2003)

Best regards:Peter

Hi Peter,

Any setting you change in Outlook 2007?


Dear Anthony,

No, I didn’t change anything. Just a fresh install of the Oulook2007. At the first start all of my mail and contacts and accounts have been imported automatically, then I closed the O2007, installed again the encrypting app. And it is working well.


Thanks Peter, so it means that no solution to solve now.

I just try to encrypt email to adele@gnupp.de (sample for testing), and it works. However, I can’t send the same to other email, any idea on this?