Outllok 2016 freezing

Just installed the latest Windows version on a Windows 10 Pro x64 computer with Office 365 Outlook 2016. When we try to encrypt a message Outlook goes non-responsive. Any idea what I need to look at?

On a second station, periodically when a message is encrypted the send message dialog does not close after send is hit.


Dear Ben,

sorry to read that you are having problems with Gpg4win 3.0.2.

Next steps for analysis:

  • Does this happen for all recipient or just for some?
    If it only happens for some: Is there an obvious difference to those
    for which it works?
  • Can you encrypt to the same recipients using the file explorer?
  • Are you using IMAP or Exchange as email transport?
  • You could enable the GpgOL debug log.

See https://wiki.gnupg.org/TroubleShooting

Best Regards,