Opening Encrypted attachements in Outlook 365

Hello, I’m sending by mail couple of encrypted with Kleopatra attachements to my company workmate. We both use Outlook 365. Is it any plugin/option that let use to preview this attachements in Outlook, like eg. pdf/excel/txt files? When I’m trying to preview encrypted *.gpg file i got message - “This file cannot be previewed because there is no previewer installed for it”. Thank you all in advance

Hi Dann999,

We both use Outlook 365.

these days I am not sure anymore what “Outlook” really is. Can you give the precise version?

Well if GpgOL (the Outlook Add-in of Gpg4win) works with your version, then you could send out OpenPGP/MIME emails which should make it easier to handle attachments.

If you attach .gpg attachments to Kleopatra in your Windows system they may also open fine.


My Outlook version:
Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (version 2302 compilation 16.0.16130.20332) 64-bit
When sending encrypted “whole” mails, they decrypt on my friend Outlook correctly. What I want to achive is when I’m for example sending encrypted *.txt file, which after encryption got *.gpg format to be able to preview it’s content “on the fly” inside Outlook. It it possible by any way? Or do I have to download the attachements and decrypt it with Kleopatra?

If you encrypt the attachments before sending they will not be decrypted by GpgOL.
But if you double click on the attachment in outlook, it should be decrypted with Kleopatra and you can choose the output file.