Open PGP certificate expired

I am a complete novice and cannot find any information on how to change the expiration date on my certificate now that it is expired…need help and hoping this doesn’t have to be done from a command line?

In Kleopatra, you can right click the key in question and select “Change expiry date…”

A calendar will pop up, allowing you to select the new expiration date. Once you’ve done that, just re-upload it to the server (if you are using a public server) and tell your contacts. Otherwise, forward the “new” public key directly to your contacts.


I tried right clicking and I’m getting an error message saying the certificate is expired and it will not allow me to change the date or set it to ‘never’? Is there another option?

The only other way I know of is…the command line. :frowning:

Can anyone provide detail instructions from the command line on how to change the expiration of the certificate now that it’s expired? Is creating a new one a better option?

I found this web page helpful for a command line reference:

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It’s fairly easy: Open the command prompt and type:

C:> gpg --edit-key [your key ID]

…then, at the gpg prompt, type “expire”:

gpg> expire

You should be presented with a small menu from which you can select the new expiration date. After picking the new date, you will need to enter the passphrase for the key and, lastly, type “save” to quit the gpg prompt and save your new preferences.

Let us know if you run into any problems. :slight_smile:


I got it done. thank you!

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: