One unknown recipient

New user. new to encryption/decryption.

Was able to create key pair and decrypt file from 3rd party vendor on my machine.

installed kleo on new machine, imported cert, tried to decrypt same file.
Received “one unknown recipient” error (didn’t ask for passphrase either). Created new cert for new user, certified the old cert. same result.

Went back to my machine where it first worked and received the same error.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.

nevermind. figured it out. i needed to reimport the private key again and it worked.

I re-imported the private keys and it still didn’t resolve my issue. When I re-imported the keys, the error message still came up decryption failed. The only change was the note for unknown recipient changed to the name of the user. Now the key has expired now, do you think I’d still be able to decrypt this file?

Any suggestions would be appreciated