Office 2019 compatibility?

Hi! I am wondering if Gpg4win 3.1.5 (and GgpOL 2.3.2 respectively) is compatible with the latest Office/Outlook 2019 (v17)? The Gpg4win-website only mentions Office 2016 so far.

According to my testing, as of a couple of weeks ago with the latest click-to-run Outlook it sort of works but not quite correctly, at least running with Exchange Online as the backend.

Outgoing mail is fine but stored (such as received and read, or sent) encrypted mails are stored in a weird / broken format, so you’ll have problems opening them in other mail clients. If you first read a received mail in, say, Thunderbird/Enigmail for example, it’ll then reopen just fine in Outlook/GpgOL later and not break.

Office 2019 and latest click-to-run should be pretty much the same at this point, they’ll probably diverge though…

Oh, thank you a lot for the feedback.

So, it seems that they have to work on Outlook 2019 compatibility first before it can be used.

Sorry for the delayed reply, Holidays and such.

GpgOL works as well for Outlook 2019 as it works for other versions of Outlook.

The Problem Mikko talks about is specific to Exchange Online and nothing new with newer Outlook versions.

I’ve updated the homepage accordingly.