Office 2010 support


I noticed that there is a lot of request of GnuPG support for Outlook 2010. I have never get this work in any Outlook version. I must ask the real question - Are you going to support Outlook 2010 at all in any time window? Are you going to support scandinavian char-sets or not?

Just in case - who is leading this project? Seems to be total ignorance of these request here. I know thta Outlook is non standard email client, but I’m forced to use it at the office. I loved to use Thunderbird, wich is supported perfectly and GnuPG integration is done just great. This Outlook plugin is just pain in the ass and never worked out for me.

Please - could anyone give any roadmaps and okej okej… any response. I know that this Gpg4Win is freeware, but whats the point if there is no info whats going on. I really just need the plugin for Outloook. Kleopatra is pure shit. I rather use gpgShell than this keymanager. (Sorry about the bad lanquage, but I have been following up this for years and totally pissed of about the ignorance.) Stop it or Do it!