Nothing working just after installation

Hello everyone!

I got a serious problem with the current version of gpg4win:

When I start GPA I get the error message (translated from my german version) “invalig crypto-engine”. I can proceed and GPA comes up but I can’t create any keys or import anything. GPGOL isn’t working too since I cannot open the keymanager.

Anyone got an idea? I just installed it and everything went fine during the installation…



Which Windows Version are you using?

Which gpg4win version did you install?

Have there been other gpg installations on
your system?

I’m using Windows XP Professional SP2,
gpg4win version 1.0.0 (released 2006-04-06)
and there has been the original GnuPG package from, which I uninstalled. I also cleaned the registry before installing gpg4win so I can’t imagine that there has been some rest of the gnupg-package.

I am pretty sure that your old GnuPG installation causes the trouble.

But I have no idea how or why.
Can you double-check you removed all the
old stuff from the disk?

Hi all,

Had the same problem and it turned out that removing all files and reg-keys of an old gnupg-installation by hand was the only way to get it fixed…

I’d hit the same problem.
Deinstallation from a custom directory and install into the default directory solved it.

The last information is correct: installing into the default folder fixes this problem.

The reason for this is as following:
The code of “_gpgme_get_gpg_path()” in “w32-util.c” searches for a GPG regkey named “gpgProgram” in “Software\GNU\GnuPG” of HKCU and HKLM, but this key is no more available since GnuPG 1.41, so GPGol defaults to “%program_files%\GNU\GNUPG”.

Have GPG.exe in “%program_files%\GNU\GNUPG” or create regkey “HKLM\Software\GNU\GnuPG\gpgProgram” that points to your GnuPG installation.

So I copied the GPGOL.DLL and the SHARE folder to my existing GnuPG installation, added the following registry settings and everything works fine.

@=“GPGol - The GPG Outlook Plugin”




If any weird errors occur when starting Outlook, then just rename the file “extend.dat” from “%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook”

Possible code solutions:
a) GPGol should try the regkey “Install Directory” plus “\bin” to find GPG.exe
b) Call “gpg.exe” without any path, as the correct GPG folder should be always in a user’s path, isn’t it?
c) Maybe different ways to determine the path depending on the version
d) Does another function provide this info similar to the GPG name (gpg->filename)?


Thanks for the detailed analysis!

Can you make a bug report out of it?
(since it is related more to Gpg4win,
the bug tracker on this site is appropriate
rather than the ugly GpgOL one).

It’s a problem in Werner Koch’s GPGme, I will post a bug report in the GPG4win tracker and also try to contact Werner about this problem.


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Hi everybody,

as it seems that this problem won’t be fixed, either in the installer or GPGme, I decided to code a small program to help everyone in creating the necessary registry values.

So check out my GPGselector, download from (8KB)
Source for Visual C++ 2005 is available too at (13KB)

I hope that a future GnuPG installer will ask you to create/update this registry value when installing to a non-default directory.


Tip for normal/non-admin accounts:
Choose HKCU as the target in my GPGSelector, select the GPG.exe you want under Custom, and hit set.
That’s it.