not able to encrypt with imported keys from other users


Recently on Windows 7 I upgraded from gpg4win 2.3.0 to 3.0.3 and have a problem with the newer Kleopatra. I imported keys for encrypting, keys that I created as well as from other people to which I got only the public part of the key.

Problem is when I want to encrypt I can chose only from my certificates, to which I have both parts. It does not let me choose any certificate that is in category ‘other certificates’.In the drop down I got only my keys (in bold), in screenshot its ‘secondary key’ and ‘my basic key’, but I want to encrypt with ‘test key pair’
in previous version I was able to chose any key.

I installed using default options, checked configuration and don’t see anything that could change this.
Can anyone help?
thank you, aga

no option other certificate.jpg

“Sign as” and “Encrypt for Me” will only show your own keys. This is intended to ensure that you can always decrypt the encrypted data yourself. If you don’t want that you can uncheck the checkbox.

To encrypt to a key where you only have the public key you want to use the “Encrypt for others”. Either click on the Question mark in that line (which will bring up a clickable selection) or start typing “test” into the empty line (where it reads “Please enter a name or e-mail address”). This should then offer auto completion to the “test key pair”.

Thank you so much for your help Andre!
I tried putting something in that line before but did not occur to me to click on a grey question mark (usually this indicates inactive fields). I am able to chose the correct keys now. Greatly appreciated!