I need some clear help for using cleopatra
I made some new key pairs, and I read I first have to delete the old one.
the reason for this is that I cannot get my public key in the email.
and the help with the icon don’t work eather
I don’t get it why it goes to my gmail when I have entered a protonmail

So how do I delete my keys
and how do I get my public key

I prefer help in dutch if possible.


Ik zoek hulp voor cleopatra
de help van hen is me veel te lang en onduidelijk,
de helft wat ik lees snap ik de balle van

ik heb dus wat key pairs aangemaakt omdat ik mijn public key niet kon vastkrijgen.
maar nu lees is dat je de gemaakte sleutelparen moet wissen bij het aanmaken van een nieuwe. Kan dit kwaad als dit niet word gedaan?
in de help vind ik hoe maar het lukt me niet.

ik ben al wat ah lezen geweest over gpg maar zelf dit is chinees voor me.

ik wil gewoon gpg kunnen sturen en lezen, zo moeilijk kan dit toch niet zijn?
ik vind ook nergens een dummie uitleg zonder teveel tralala dat me weer vd kaart brengt.

hulp zou erg welkom zijn.


Hello Ed,

(as I don’t speak Dutch I’ll try to help you in English)

I read I first have to delete the old one

It is possible to keep your old key-pair, if you want.

So how do I delete my keys

You select the key, and use the context menu (right mouse click) or the “certificate” menu
to select delete and follow the instructions.

and how do I get my public key

You select “your” key (actually the key-pair you want to export the public key part for)
and use the context or the “certificate” menu and chose “export certificate”.
Save this in a file and you can attach this file to an email (for extra security, check the file contents with a file editor, it should say something like PUBLIC KEY inside.)

Does this already help you?
Which email application are you trying to use?

Best Regards,

Hi Bernard

First thanks for the help.!

I just opened kleopatra and there where my 3 keys I made. I could simple delete the ones I don’t want to use anymore. Where was this yesterday? haha

In this window I can export like you said.
It replaced the file where my private key was in, now it is the public key.

Do I need to safe my private key to a file?
Isn’t this dangerous for hackers?

Now I can start figure out how I can send these PGP messages.

I try to use proton mail
I read this is encrypted only when send from proton to proton.
So PGP for sending to other email applications.

Hi Bernard

I think I don’t need kleopatra if I want to use protonmail for pgp becauseif I’m correct it is build inside protonmail.

But can I use proton mail for sending PGP private messages in an mailing service for a shop or messenger etc? or is this even not possible to do and can PGP only been used in emails?

for deleting I was talking about the evocation-certificate.
I read this is important for if anyone wants to use my identity
But now I have deleted al my keys etc.
I don’t know if I am able to do this?
I never used it to send any emails so I don’t know if it is bad or not.

In protonmail I don’t read anything about it.

HI Ed,

if you did not communicate your pubkeys to anyone else, and you are sure to have no data
encrypted only to them, you can delete them without problem.

Background: The revocation certificate can be published to show others that the key it was made for is not considered “good” anymore. (It should be rarely used, only in the two cases: 1) a key is compromised or 2) lost without expiration date.)

ProtonMail seems to have two options, one is to enable the use of Encryption for Outside
communication, in this case it seems that OpenPGP/MIME is used and there must be a public and secret key pair. Out of the top of my head I don’t know where Protonmail is saving the private key. So if you use ProtonMail only, you probably don’t need Kleopatra, unless there is an option to use a private-public keypair that you have created externally.