noob questions about crypto strength options


new user here, please could anyone tell me how to… in kleopatra and gna

  1. when encrypting a file with just a passphrase how do you change the settings to max ie 4094 rsa & rsa?

  2. same for private and public keys?

thanks for any help. :slight_smile:


when creating the key pair in kleopatra, you can go into the advanced settings
and set the algorithms to rsa4096 if you want to.

As says, the option
allows you to change the default away from AES-128. Note that RSA cannot
be used for “encrypting a file with just a passphrase” as RSA is an asymmetric
method and using just a password would be symmetric.



thx for info. is it possible in anyway to change the crypto strength for files?



when using the asymmetric encryption (with a privat/public keypair and
something like RSA) there is also a symmetric algorithm involved.

(This is the default when encrypting emails and files.)

GnuPG (the crypto engine of Gpg4win) allows you to chose both algorithms,
but usually it is not necessary as the defaults are very strong. Usually
keeping the rest of the system secure is the next important step
as attackers are likely to attack the system and not the math of
the algorithms.

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