No Secret Key


I am trying to decrypt files and I get a message saying no secret key. We are using Open PGP in the gui version. We have a secret key, but we don’t know where to enter it.

Hello Trenton,

if you have your secret key as file, you need to import it (and the public key).
An additional step (and optional for some operations) is to set it to ultimate trust.

Just use Kleopatras “import” feature or
“gpg --import” on the command line.

Best Regards,

Thanks, Bernhard. I went to try this and the GPA won’t even open now. Is there a step-by-step start-to-finish for installing and working this program?

Hi Trenton,

use Kleopatra (when in doubt). There is an “import” menu entry.

If not, save your key material and open cmd.exe, there you can go to the directory which the file (like cd c:\somedir) and execute the command (e.g. gpg -v --import YOURFILENAME)


Ok. How do I get to Kleopatra?

If it is installed, just start it via the icon or the start menus.

If it isn’t installed, run the Gpg4win Installer again (it means you had explicitely deselected it)