No prompt for passphrase using Kleopatra at Windows 7 Notebook

Hi all,

I updated GPG4Win from version 2.2.2 to version 2.2.3, using Kleopatra(2.2.0-git945878c (2014-11-25) under windows 7.

Since the update I am not prompted for entering a passphrase, but I get the response “wrong passphrase entered”, either signing a file or decrypting a file.

I do not have the tab “GPG agent” and I can’t find the “Options controlling the security” in any other tab. Furthermore no option to define expiration time of PIN or ssh key in the tabs.

Is there any alternative to “clear the passphrase cache”?

Many Thanks,


Hi at all,

after I updated to the current version of GPG4Win(v2.2.4) the problem disappears. I am now again prompted regularly for the passphrase and files can successfully be signed and decrypted by Kleopatra as expected.