No Pinentry error

Installed Gpg4win 3.1.11
No pinentry error while decrypting
Tried adding Gpg4win\win to PATH…still doesn’t work
Please help!


can you check that under %APPDATA%\gnupg\ no file “gpg-agent.conf” exists? And if it exits remove it and log out from Windows and log in again and try again.

You can also try to move the Program Gpg4win\bin\pinentry.exe to something like Gpg4win\bin\pinentry-old.exe and Gpg4win\bin\pinentry-w32.exe to Gpg4win\bin\pinentry.exe

If you are doing something special like running GnuPG from a scheduled task or something like that please describe. The issue is then probably that you are running GnuPG without a display and the Pinentry program cannot be opened because it is a GUI tool.

Best Regards,

Hi Andre,

It worked after renaming the pinentry.exe like you mentioned!

Thank you so much!